Southern Fried Magazine – Rebirth……

Welcome to the newly overhauled Southern Fried Magazine.. 

Coming Soon,,,,New Debut/Launch March 1st, 2017..

Founded in 2005, Southern Fried Magazine was the vision of founders Bruce Wall and the late George McCorkle of Marshall Tucker Band fame.  The magazine quickly became popular among southern rock fans.  

“Southern Fried seemed like the natural extension of all the projects George and I were involved in at the time”.  The magazine’s success was due to support and hard work of many people and now continues with it’s original vision.. 

We hope you continue to support SFM and keep coming back as it’s re-birth continues over the next few months.

From Bruce Wall, Teri Merchant, and all the folks that have kept the vision alive,,,,,, Thank You.

Soul of SFM

Bit of History by founder

Like so many of us I found myself caught up in the rat race we call life.  In a flash that all changed.  I had been sick for days.  I found myself being rushed to the hospital.  Being told you need to make your end of life plan will change a man.  I remember not being afaid of dying.  However, I felt deep regret for having not living a life which I felt mattered. Wasting the my brief time gifted me.  Long story short, I was given another chance.  Through the ordeal my comfort came from the music I loved; Southern Rock.  I began my journey with a simple website dedicated to those music heroes. took a life of its own and before I knew it was the website for southern rock fans.  Winning awards and being noticed by those artists which I was trying to honor.  Soon many of those artists were asking me to do websites for them. 

In less than a year I went from death bed to, running DownSouthJukin, doing sites for many celebrities including John Corbett, a radio show, and moving to Nashville to work with many of these amazing artists.  Through all this George McCorkle of Marshall Tucker fame became my dearest and truist friend.  Soon after arriving in Nashville, the vision for Jam-A-Que came into mind.  I discussed it for months with George and it snowballed into something I could never have dreamed.  One afternoon I received a phone call from George asking me to create a magazine.  I reluctantly agreed and after weeks of discussions with George we launched Southern Fried Magazine.  While its success snowballed rapidly, sadly, George passed away with Cancer and it took a toll on me. 

Over last few years I have had so many fans, artists, friends, and industry people as me to revive the magazine, Jam-A-Que, the Radio Show, Down South Jukin, and so on.  It has taken me a while to reach that place within me to do it again.  However, times have changed.  Facebook , twitter, and instagram have replaced websites.  Pandora has replaced radio.  Times have changed and to recapture the magic and soul is going to require a lot of work and help.  So, that all being said, we begin.. I hope you will join us in this journey.  I hope you will be part of the magic which is the Southern Rock/music  family.  I hope you will join us in what will be Southern Fried Productions which will consist of Southern Fried Magazine, Southern Fried Live, Southern Fried TV, Southern Fried Radio, a production, management, artists, community, and so very much more.. And yes, it will consist of Jam-A-Que again.  For those who wish to be part of this ride please contact us.  What made the magic all along was you.. What made all those creations special were you.. They did not exist without you.  For those who did not get to experience them before ask those who did.  They will tell you that while I may have created the visions, it was the participation of so many “normal” everyday folks which made them magical. So, I invite you to come along for the ride.